Our Story

In 1999, Philipp Reisner began to develop DRBD®.  His primary focus was to solve a real world challenge while writing his diploma thesis for the Technical University in Vienna. This thesis work was as important as the motivation to take part in the revolution going on in the software world: the open source software movement and the GPL license. With those goals in mind, the earliest release of DRBD as open source software happened in the year 2000. This created a lot of positive feedback from the community and an overwhelming interest from the commercial world.  LINBIT was founded in 2001. Since then, DRBD has been developed to solve challenges experienced by all: ensuring data stays available and replicated so applications and services can continue running in the face of disaster. In 2003, Lars joined Phil to head the DRBD development team and provides a high level of dedication to precision coding.  As time passed, others noticed how effective DRBD was at solving High Availability goals for their organization and word quickly spread that LINBIT's capability to develop affordable Linux based open source replication technology.

In 2007, LINBIT developed DRBD Proxy to enhance DRBD's capabilities to support long distance (WAN / MAN) replication scenarios.  It also serves a community purpose as well: DRBD Proxy is a commercial product that enables LINBIT to assist ongoing DRBD development.

In 2008, LINBIT opened a new office in the U.S. headed by Kavan Smith and Brian Hellman.  The U.S. team extends LINBIT services to provide a primary source for Canada, United States, Mexico and other territories in Central and South America.

As of Linux Kernel 2.6.33, DRBD has been accepted into the mainline kernel.  This was a groundbreaking development for both LINBIT and the greater Linux communities by ensuring all distros had appropriate community and commercial vendor support available for the industry acclaimed HA replication solution.

Today DRBD 8 is in use in thousands of clusters worldwide in a wide variety of use cases.  Organizations of all types and sizes utilize DRBD for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.  Individuals, universities, non-for-profits all take advantage of utilizing DRBD for safe and reliable replication.

DRBD9 is scheduled for production ready release in June 2015.

LINBIT provides worldwide 24x7 telephone and email support for users of DRBD, Pacemaker, Corosync and other Linux High Availability solutions.  LINBIT is an active leader in the Linux High Availability community participating in the DRBD and Linux HA communities.  LINBIT strives to develop software that promotes affordable replicated storage for all.

LINBIT International (Global Services): +43-1-817-82-92
LINBIT Americas: +1-877-454-6248 | +1-877-4-LINBIT
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