Working at LINBIT you'll get to interact and work with the sharpest people in the industry.  Working on the most challenging problems, playing with bleeding edge technologies and helping customers solve real world challenges that challenge the best experts.  Awesome benefits, team outings, collaborative work environment are just a few of the key points that make LINBIT a quality place to spend your time.

LINBIT is a privately owned, profitable Open Source firm.

  • We're building quality OSS software and supporting the DRBD and Linux HA communities because we want to.  We love what we do.
  • We're driven by our core values to leave our clients, employees and the world a better place.
  • We're not backed by multi-round seed investors looking to make a quick buck off the community.
  • LINBIT is a family business.  We care about you, your health and your family.

LINBIT promotes a company culture that helps individuals develop personal and professional skills to assist in DRBD community development, but also to help promote the use of Linux and OSS technologies in other areas.

Advantages of working at LINBIT

  • Competitive base salary, yearly bonuses
  • Industry conferences, training opportunities, and other functions
  • Allowance for equipment and expenses
  • Travel to interesting and fun places
  • Interact with industry experts and leaders
  • Building a career in an industry with record growth year after year

LINBIT's core values

  • Reciprocity: LINBIT strives to develop relationships that promote and assist the DRBD and Linux High Availability communities.
  • Honesty: LINBIT promotes an honest working environment, and strives to deliver factual information without the fluff.
  • Integrity: Use common sense to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • Commitment: LINBIT promotes employee responsibility of owning the problem, and treating the customers needs as if they were their own.
  • Philanthropy: LINBIT participates directly in OSS community activies, LUG, release parties and other Linux and OSS events.

LINBIT International (Global Services): +43-1-817-82-92
LINBIT Americas: +1-877-454-6248 | +1-877-4-LINBIT
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