At LINBIT we firmly believe that individual solutions are the key to success. In this context we want to make sure that individual needs are met by an intense and specific exchange of ideas and visions.

This is why we believe in individual consulting, support, trainings and partnerships.


LINBIT is proud to work with highly skilled individuals whose knowledge in all things High Availability, Linux and Open Source is second to none in the industry.

Any of your needs will be addressed individually and we can provide the best available services to exactly match your requirements. We provide individual assistance in designing and implementing network infrastructures and High Availability setups. Our team will learn about your individual setups and come up with solutions that are tailored to your needs and expectations.


Different from other software manufacturers, LINBIT provides individual, case by case support for any challenge a customer faces in his critical operations. LINBIT's support infrastructure makes sure that no scripted, automated response will ever leave a customer on his own. All support cases are thoroughly documented and help our staff to continuously improve service quality by fast and precise responses.


LINBIT has provided customers with the best knowledge transfers for High Availability for years. Our trainers have a deep understanding of DRBD and related HA technologies and will enable participants with the necessary tools to troubleshoot and tune HA systems.

For customers with individual needs beyond standardized trainings, our team of trainers will design a training that is customized for these specific requirements, in-House, out-House or online.


LINBIT takes partnerships seriously and will strive for an intense and individual collaboration and a long term relationship. It is our philosophy to provide a wide range of services to a partner in order to grow his business. Since each partner has specific requirements in regard of his technology and markets, we will individually consult our partners to offer a tailored solution to individual challenges.

Please contact us for more details.

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