About DRBD

Data Protection

By safely replicating data between two or more points anywhere on the planet your organization will stay up and running during hardware failures and site outages. Using synchronous replication, DRBD is one of the few products available which can guarantee 100% data protection, even during critical failures. An in-depth technical explanation of DRBD and how it functions is available here. LINBIT offers 24x7 hour Enterprise Support options, available here

Prevent Downtime

DRBD software prevents downtime by replicating data within your existing infrastructure. If your applications, databases, or filesystems run on Linux, LINBIT ensures 99.999% up-time simply by installing DRBD replication software. After contacting LINBIT for an IT infrastructure evaluation, our Certified Engineers will work with your team to make downtime an issue of the past.

High Availability

High Availability is the act of ensuring business continuity with 99.999% guarantee or higher, despite a critical system failure. In the past, this meant purchasing expensive proprietary hardware appliances. Now we see Enterprises and small organizations switching to open source software based solutions, such as DRBD. A single hour of server downtime will cost far more than an entire LINBIT Enterpise Solution. Ask yourself: how much does an hour of downtime cost your business. Include lost productivity, loss of data, employee frustration, and customer confidence... Then give us a call for a quote

Uptime Downtime per Year
 99.00%  3 days and 16 hours
 99.90%  8 hours and 46 minutes
 99.99%  52 minutes
99.999% 5:16 minutes
99.9999% 31.6 seconds

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