About DRBD

Defines Data Protection

DRBD® stands for Distributed Replicated Block Device, in simple terms it safely replicates data at the block level between two or more points anywhere on the planet.  An in-depth technical explanation of DRBD and how it functions is available here. DRBD is widely used as High Availability and Disaster Recovery replication technology.  LINBIT® develops and maintains DRBD under a GPL license.  LINBIT offers 24x7 telephone and email support services, DRBD and Linux HA Consulting Services (Pacemaker, Corosync, Red Hat Cluster Suite), DRBD custom feature development, LINBIT LCE Training Course and Certification, OEM integration services and more.

DRBD - The Story

LINBIT's DRBD was developed by Philipp Reisner and co-author Lars G. Ellenberg in 1999. LINBIT's vision was to establish a new plateau of data protection enabling organizations of all sizes to preserve application availability and data integrity over any distance. All this can be accomplished without sacrificing your organizations independence to vendor or technology lock-in as seen in proprietary storage solutions.

Today, DRBD is in use by thousands of companies worldwide who trust LINBIT when it comes to the safety and security of their data.  To top it off, comparison after comparison DRBD beats the competition in ROI and TCO analysis.

DRBD - The Solution

With LINBIT's DRBD, your firm can accomplish its High Availability or Disaster Recovery goals with more success than proprietary alternatives.  DRBD enables the usage of COTS hardware enabling your firm to reduce its storage/replication expenses by up to 90 percent.

When it comes to the availability of your data, is there any other real choice?


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