About DRBD9

Next Generation Enterprise High Availability Solution

LINBIT's most ambitious project to date is DRBD9, the Next Generation Enterprise High Availability solution for Linux. Users worldwide demanded a software that extends the scope of current DRBD versions and as of now, LINBIT delivers.

Mesh Technology

DRBD9 finally offers a mesh-like, multiple node replication technology that is a unique and sophisticated solution to a relevant problem in today's enterprise infrastructure. Multiple node data replication in real time has been a challenge for many High Availability providers. Stacking block devices or ring architecture designs have been the traditional approach to this problem, but DRBD9 is the first true multiple node replication design that surpasses traditional limitations. With DRBD9 you can now interconnect more than 30 nodes, replicate their data in real time. A sophisticated architecture makes sure that duplication overhead is eliminated and that data logging over all nodes is reduced to a minimum, thus delivering a high performance High Availability solution.

Design for Critical Infrastructures

DRBD9 is the answer to the highest demands in critical infrastructures where double redundancy is the norm and a legal requirement. LINBIT delivers a solution to manufacturers and operators of mission critical systems. And since DRBD9 is Open Source Software, it can easily be adapted to individual needs in any infrastructure.

Try it out for free now and let us help you to sleep tight while your critical systems are up and running.

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