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DRBD Defines Data Protection

LINBIT's Professional Services group is the most recognized Linux High Availability team worldwide.  As creators of DRBD®, we've developed and the largest Linux High Availability systems, hands down.  We've specialized in DRBD, Heartbeat, Pacemaker, Corosync from the beginning.  We take direct part in the software development cycles of the components that keep the worlds clusters humming along.  LINBIT has assembled, consulted and developed for the largest DRBD and Linux High Availability cluster systems in the world.  When you think of High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Clustering expertise, think LINBIT and give us a call. 

A few of the reasons our customers keep coming back:

  • Simple and cost effective. We give you clear expectations on pricing, no complicated credit system from LINBIT: pay for what you use, when you need it.
  • Custom Feature Development: As the soledeveloper and maintainer of DRBD, LINBIT offers custom DRBD and DRBD Proxy feature development.  Contact us for details!
  • Expertise:  LINBIT is the developer and maintainer of DRBD, developer and maintainer of the DRBD User's Guide, and maintainer of Heartbeat.
  • Worldwide: We have offices in Europe and the United States.  LINBIT Professional Services are available 24x7, we speak English, German, Turkish, Dutch and Japanese fluently.
  • We exceed expectations.  We pride ourselves in delivering the best technical expertise and the best customer service.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Since 2001, LINBIT has consulted with 1,000s organizations worldwide on the largest, most complex High Availability and Disaster Recovery systems.  We specialize in installation, configuration, troubleshooting, development and offer onsite or remote consultancy.  LINBIT Professional Services creates custom tailored consulting arrangements to include LINBIT CE custom training on consulting engagements.  Our customers utilize DRBD, Pacemaker, Corosync, Heartbeat, RHCS and other Linux High Availability and Disaster Recovery technologies.  LINBIT Professional Services is available 24x7: we can be scheduled onsite or remotely during a convenient maintenance window for your organization.

When choosing a vendor for High Availability or Disaster Recovery, the decision is clear...LINBIT. 

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LINBIT International (Global Services): +43-1-817-82-92
LINBIT Americas: +1-877-454-6248 | +1-877-4-LINBIT
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