Become Disaster Proof

LINBIT can integrate a full Disaster Recovery solution into any Linux system without changes to the rest of your IT infrastructure. DRBD® Proxy software enables you to replicate your data offsite without proprietary storage. Any application can be migrated from New York to Shanghai in a matter of seconds, enabling your organization to flourish in the face of catastrophe. Read more.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (D/R) is more than a back-up of your data at an off-site location. A data backup does not guarantee that a transition to using this data will be quick and painless; in fact, this process commonly takes anywhere from days to even weeks! DRBD Proxy ensures immediate fail-over capabilities if your organization's primary site is compromised. Disaster Recovery replication is essential when customers rely on your business 24/7/365.

DRBD Proxy in Action

drbd proxy graphic

Some of LINBIT's internal applications transition to a different time-zone depending on the hour of the day. LINBIT makes your common applications available to local users, providing low latency access, simplified application management, and organizational flexibility in the face of a site-failure. Additionally, Employees can continue working via remote access to the alternate site(s) in the case of local equipment malfunction. Interested in trying it yourself? Contact us for a trial.

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