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LINBIT Cluster Stack Subscription

The LINBIT Cluster Stack Subscription™ is a 4-Tier Support service with Software Integrated: A highly optimized, tightly integrated high availability stack for the Linux platform. Built on 100% open source technology, LINBIT® adds Certified Binaries, extensive Quality Assurance and testing to the LINBIT Cluster Stack. LINBIT Cluster Stack creates a seamless high availability experience to match today's enterprise needs.

Pick Your Platform

LINBIT supports the broadest choice of Linux distribution platforms in the industry. Whether you choose to deploy on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Oracle Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), Debian, CentOS, or Ubuntu — LINBIT Cluster Stack Subscription is the right high availability solution for you.

Enterprise Grade Support ... from the source.

LINBIT is the author and maintainer of DRBD, DRBD User's Guide and DRBD Proxy.  LINBIT is the maintainer of Heartbeat.  LINBIT's support team work directly with our developers so you have a direct line to the folks that designed the software you rely on every day.  All LINBIT Support Team and Professional Services Team members are LINBIT CE certified ensuring your delivery is consistent and precise.

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