About LINBIT Training

LINBIT Knows High Availability

As the leader in Linux High Availabililty, creator and developers of DRBD®, LINBIT knows High Availability. You will learn how to build, troubleshoot and engineer High Availability directly from the experts.

Here are a few reasons the pro's choose LINBIT Certified Engineer (LCE) for Linux High Availability and Disaster Recovery Training:

  • With LCE, you earn certification by the leader in Linux High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • You will become fluent in Linux High Availability and Disaster Recovery best practices.
  • Your value will increase at your organization
  • You will be more confident about your skillset
  • Job placement: LCE provides a reference point as to who carries Linux High Availability certfication.

LINBIT's training programs provide an in-depth look at Linux High Availability including DRBD, DRBD Proxy, Heartbeat, Pacemaker, Corosync as well as stonith and split brain scenarios.  LINBIT offers three (3) methods of delivery, Online Pre-Recorded, Online Live, and Classroom based training.  We've designed LCE for those looking at a full spectrum course, for first timers, or those seeking certification.  LCE courses are 3 day in depth courses with 14 separate chapters and follow up LCE certification.  LINBIT also offers custom LCE courses that can encompass any subject of your preference: DRBD, DRBD Proxy, Linux-HA, Heartbeat, Pacemaker, Corosync, and more!

LINBIT Certified Engineer - Delivery Options that Fit

LINBIT provides a variety of training options to fit your schedule, location or budgetary needs.

We offer a number of delivery options for our LCE training:

  • Online Classroom
  • Online Pre-Recorded
  • Classroom
  • Custom Classroom
  • Custom Online

Some minimal seating bookings apply, please contact us for more details.

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All of the LINBIT training options are comprehensive, precise and consistent.  Please contact us for more details on LINBIT Certified Engineer training!

LINBIT International (Global Services): +43-1-817-82-92
LINBIT Americas: +1-877-454-6248 | +1-877-4-LINBIT
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