LINBIT Collaborates with Oracle Dyn to Deliver Efficient Geo-Clustering

“LINBIT’s industry leading data replication technology paired with Oracle Dyn’s Managed DNS Active Failover technology helps ensure the highest availability and ease of routing of data across one’s online infrastructure. – Patrick Harvey, Oracle Dyn LINBIT, a leader in open source High Availability (HA) software for enterprises and the power behind thousands of digital enterprises, […]


DRBD Top is about to make your life easier! Once you install this utility, you can expect to see an easy to read, simplified overview of your resources and their status. This is especially useful if you have a large number of resources and don’t want to be overwhelmed with information, yet still want key […]

LINBIT Simplifies Management of Always-On Software with DRBD Top

“We opted for DRBD as a cost-efficient Open Source solution in the field of High Availability clusters.” – Josef Hagler, Managing Director, Porsche Informatik GmbH. Beaverton, OR – LINBIT, the defacto standard in open source High Availability (HA) software and the power behind thousands of digital enterprises, introduced DRBD Top, a new software tool to […]

True Cost of Data Loss

When you hear the word ‘data,’ what does it make you think?  Something interesting and exciting?  Probably not.  But, what if you lost your customer database, your employee healthcare information, or your organization’s website transactions?  Now, that might make you think twice.  

FINALLY! Open Source Deduplication for Linux!

We’ve been working with our partner, Permabit, for a couple of years now. Permabit is the author of VDO, a block level deduplication software for Linux. Pair this deduplication software (which also has optional compression) with our DRBD software, and you get extremely efficient, low overhead, data replication. The problem is Permabit built a solution […]