High Speed Geo-Clustering meets Hardware Compression. Now available from LINBIT.

San Francisco, CA – June 28th, 2016: Today, at Red Hat Summit 2016, AHA Products Group (AHA), the data compression experts, and LINBIT, the market leader in open source High Availability (HA) Clustering and Geo-Clustering software, have announced a partnership.

Together using AHA’s data compression accelerators and LINBIT’s DRBD Proxy software, users can now replicate data live over long distances with high speed data compression while ensuring minimal CPU overhead.

Since 2005, LINBIT has been developing Geo-Clustering software called DRBD Proxy. Unlike most Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions which leverage backups or snapshots, LINBIT’s replication solution will push data live over WAN environments as fast as the connection will allow. Because the DRBD software replicates data at the block level, users can replicate any filesystem, VM, or application that runs on Linux. LINBIT and AHA have co-developed DRBD-enabled AHA compression products to couple with DRBD Proxy Disaster Recovery software allowing users to offload CPU intensive compression to hardware.

“Enterprises evaluating Oracle, EMC, Veritas, and Netapp for live DR (i.e. Stretch Clustering) have been opting to use LINBIT’s DRBD Proxy software on standard commodity hardware instead,” said Greg Eckert, Business Development Manager for LINBIT. “A single 10 Gbps AHA hardware compression card reduced a compression workload that took 2200 CPU seconds doing zlib in software down to only 3 CPU seconds. Using LINBIT’s Software-Defined Storage approach, organizations are beating both the performance and cost of proprietary vendors.”

Using the open standard compression algorithm GZIP, AHA offers 10Gbps, 20Gbps, 40Gbps, and 80Gbps compression accelerators to increase system performance. AHA improves throughput, reducing CPU load, speeding up disk access times and increasing storage capacity in applications such as high frequency trading, remote data replication, enterprise storage arrays, storage area networks (SAN), wide area networks (WANs), virtual tape libraries (VTL), web servers, web accelerators, big data and web traffic appliances including load balancers, firewall VPN servers and integrated routers/switches.

AHA provides flexible, cost-effective solutions for today’s growing bandwidth and reliability challenges. AHA has been providing bleeding-edge Forward Error Correction and Lossless Data Compression technology for nearly three decades and offers a variety of standard and custom hardware solutions for the communications industry.

Replication enabled AHA hardware is now available at:

To learn more about DRBD Proxy Disaster Recovery software visit:

LINBIT creates the world’s fastest Software-Defined Storage. They work with industry leaders from the storage and network sectors, designing next-generation, mission-critical infrastructures. Major cloud solutions providers, data center operators, OEM and ISV integrators and commercial enterprises employ LINBIT’s open source software DRBD to ensure High Availability and Geo-Clustering replication. LINBIT is privately-held and headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Portland, OR. Visit us atwww.LINBIT.com/en/.

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