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Would you want to be your own car mechanic?

Data seems to be on everyone’s mind these days.  From employee to financial data, your company has to keep it available through seamless replication — without downtime. LINBIT DRBD is the open source software that ensures High Availability for your enterprise.

Open source means it’s free, right? While indeed there is a free version, there is also a paid option which comes with 24×7 phone and email support for the entire Linux stack: LINBIT DRBD, Pacemaker and Corosync. The difference between open source software and certified enterprise software can be hard to understand or explain to others why there’s a fee for software that’s “free.”   

We have an analogy that may help. Just as maintaining a car’s engine could prove difficult to the car’s driver, we know that interpreting and implementing software can also prove challenging to even the most experienced engineer. Sure, when your car needs fluids replaced or a simple oil change, you can DIY. But when your engine and transmission need a complete overhaul, the driver might be more apt to call a mechanic and pay for the service, especially for that upcoming road trip in which your car needs to be as dependable as possible!   This is where LINBIT comes in. We are the expert mechanic. We save you time, energy, and when all’s said and done…money. Our pros can help support and install DRBD/Pacemaker and give you the assistance and solutions you need.

Just as cars come in varieties of models and style, so does our support. If you only need your car to work from 8-5 Monday-Friday, then you would likely do well with our basic level of support. However, most people like their car to work all hours, everyday, in case of emergency with roadside assistance to boot. This would be LINBIT’s enterprise support option tier –where your call is our top priority. Let’s get your “car” in the LINBIT shop today so you can be weekend cruising without a care in the world.

Kelsey Swan
Customer Engagement Director

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