DRBDmanage has been replaced by LINSTOR !

To find out more about LINSTOR, check out the following blog articles:

  1. Cluster-wide management of replicated storage with LINSTOR
  2. The Technology inside LINSTOR (Part 1)
  3. The Technology inside LINSTOR (Part 2)
  4. How to setup LINSTOR on Proxmox VE

Thank you and have a good read!


Late 2016 we decided to publish DRBD Manager under a custom license that had an Open Source spirit, but limited other players in the eco system to sell their support services with distributing the DRBD Manage software.

It was compatible with all rules of OSI’s Open Source definition but failed to be compliant to “No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor”.

In order to stay part of OpenStack upstream we decided to revert the change. DRBD Manage is back to be distributed under the terms of the GPL.

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