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Novell’s Linux Trusts Storage Replication from LINBIT

LINBIT® welcomes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Service Pack 1 release On May 19th, Novell officially announced the release of the first service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11. LINBIT, a pioneer in Linux High Availability has contributed a significant component to SLES, embraces Novell’s clear commitment to a Linux-Distribution for Enterprise businesses. Hot-off-the-presses […]

LINBIT announces enhanced partnership with Strongmail

LINBIT the leader in OSS High Availability partners with Strongmail the leading provider in email marketing and social media. LINBIT, the leading Linux High Availability software firm, announces that StrongMail Systems, Inc., a leading provider of online solutions for email marketing and social media, will be leveraging LINBIT’s DRBD® technology and Professional Services team to […]

LINBIT Enhances Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Full DRBD Support

LINBIT brings leading open source storage replication to most popular Linux platform!Open source high availability powerhouse LINBIT announced full DRBD® support on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system platform this morning. This enhances the world’s most widely deployed Linux server platform with the industry’s premier storage replication facility — all in a 100% […]

LINBIT announces Partnership with SkySQL

O’REILLY MYSQL CONFERENCE & EXPO, Santa Clara, Calif. – April 13, 2011 – LINBIT today announced its support and inclusion in the SkySQL Reference Architecture. By partnering with SkySQL™, LINBIT as the driving force behind DRBD® continues to deliver enterprise grade support for MySQL® High Availability solutions. The SkySQL™ reference architecture reduces the cost and […]

LINBIT Releases DRBD 8.4

LINBIT announces DRBD 8.4, a brand new release of the industry’s leading storage replication solution for the Linux platform. DRBD 8.4 brings many exciting new features, such as multiple-volume replication support, on-line replication protocol changes, increased efficiency for modern hard drives, and much more. All of these new features are being released as GPL-licensed open […]

LINBIT launches new version of high availability solution DRBD: DRBD9

For more than a decade DRBD® by LINBIT has been the expert for high availability of data and services. Major cloud solutions providers, data centre operators, specialised service providers and industrial companies employ the open source software worldwide to ensure high availability and to implement disaster recovery. LINBIT now provides the community with a DRBD9 […]

Combine GFS2 with DRBD

A DRBD Dual-Primary setup done right Cluster filesystems like GFS2 gained a lot popularity lately. Higher Performance. Scalability. Fault tolerance. These features sound like heaven for any system architect. But they should be used with caution, because they add another layer of complexity to the cluster environment, which one should know to handle properly. Phil […]

DRBD Online Training Trailer

Brand New: Linbit Online Training DRBD Training is one of LINBIT’s core businesses. A vast number System Engineers earn their LINBIT Certified Engineer status every year. They know how to build clusters based on open source components. They know tuning them and they know how to run them in a productive environment. What’s the result? […]

oVirt + DRBD: High Availability Virtualization at a very reasonable price

LINBIT deploys highly available virtualization environments on only two servers LINBIT deploys software that accomplishes High Availability (HA) for virtualized environments; this can be accomplished with real-time replication of data across as few as two servers. The software that accomplishes this is DRBD, it is a adressed as a block device and allows for replication […]

LINBIT Implements Open Source Virtualization for the Felder Group

Felder, the international woodwork machinery specialists for the industrial, retail and private sectors, favors open source software for its IT services. LINBIT, Austria’s largest Linux service provider, supported Felder in designing a virtualization solution based on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. Felder is very satisfied with the performance of the Red Hat based solution. Felder believes […]