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“umount is too slow”

A question we see over and over again is Why is umount so slow? Why does it take so long? Part of the answer was already given in an earlier blog post; here’s some more explanation.

LINBIT participates in the German Cloud (“Deutsche Wolke”)

  Deutsche Wolke (“German Cloud”) was founded to establish Federal Cloud Infrastructure in Germany. This infrastructure will provide additional legal and security protections for hosted data.  No longer will small businesses be exposed to the legal risk of losing their website presence without a trial (an unfortunate reality when doing business on transatlantic clouds). The natural […]

Monitoring: better safe than sorry…

Stumbling upon the Holy time-travellin’ DRBD, batman! blog post there’s only one thing to be said … Be strict in what you emit, liberal in what you accept[1. Thanks, Larry] is simply not true when dealing with mission-critical systems. It’s ok to be alerted on upgrading a machine because the “old, working” RegEx that did […]

Maximum volume size on DRBD

From time to time we get asked things like this: I want to use a 100TiB volume with DRBD, is that supported”? The biggest public device size with DRBD known to LINBIT is currently ~600TiB. (JUNE 2019 UPDATE)

Trust, but verify

DRBD tries to ensure data integrity across different computers, and it’s quite good at it. But, as per the old saying Trust, But Verify[1. attributed either to Lenin or Kennedy] it might be a good idea to periodically test whether the nodes really have identical data, similar to the checks that are[1. or at least […]