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Disaster Recovery

  • Real-Time Data Replication

    LINBIT DR consists of DRBD and DRBD Proxy, which enable real-time data replication across geographically separated data-centers. This can be a private location nearby or into a public cloud thousands of miles away.

  • Asynchronous Replication

    Using an Asynchronous replication method, LINBIT DR will push data over long distances as fast as your connection will allow. Actually, with built in LZMA and LZ4 data compression and partnerships with hardware manufacturers, we can ensure that replicating data to your Disaster Recovery site has minimal CPU overhead and maximum speeds.

  • Software Based

    Our software enables you to replicate your data offsite without proprietary storage. Any application can be migrated from New York to Shanghai in a matter of seconds, enabling your organization to flourish in the face of catastrophe.