LINBIT Enterprise vs DRBD Open Source

We build clusters tailored to your infrastructure. Carrier grade SLA’s, enhanced speed
and real-time Disaster Recovery are just the start to what we can provide.
Or play with DRBD for free then upgrade to Enterprise support when going into production.

DRBD Open Source

LINBIT Enterprise Support

LINBIT build’s high availability and disaster recovery storage clusters tailored to your infrastructure. We ensure success with fantastic support, carrier grade SLA’s, enhanced speed, and proven solutions.

DRBD Open Source

The Foundation of Linux HA

Created by LINBIT, open source DRBD has millions of downloads and use cases. Try playing with the open source version and see what you can build today.


Open Source

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Robust replication
Transaction safe synchronous replication
Hardware agnostic
Application agnostic
Almost no performance overhead
Operates over a network
DRBD Proxy real-time disaster recoveryLicense Available
RDMA support for Infiniband connectionsLicense Available
24/7/365 phone support
24/7/365 email support
1 hr max emergency Initial response time
Dedicated account manager
LINBIT full cluster stack guaranteed install
DRBD hot fixes
Integration with Red Hat Cluster Suite
DRBD integration with XenServer
Roadmap input