DRBDmanage installation is now easier!

In the last blog post about DRBDmanage we mentioned

Initial setup is a bit involved (see the README)

… with the new release, this is no longer true!

All that’s needed is now one command to initialize a new DRBDmanage control volume:

nodeA# drbdmanage init «local-ip-address»

You are going to initalize a new drbdmanage cluster.
CAUTION! Note that:
  * Any previous drbdmanage cluster information may be removed
  * Any remaining resources managed by a previous drbdmanage
    installation that still exist on this system will no longer
    be managed by drbdmanage



Acknowledging that question will (still) print a fair bit of data, ie. the output of the commands that are run in the background; if everything works, you’ll get a freshly initialized DRBDmanage control volume, with the current node already registered.

Well, a single node is boring … let’s add further nodes!

nodeA# drbdmanage new-node «nodeB» «its-ip-address»

Join command for node nodeB:
  drbdmanage join some arguments ....

Now you copy and paste the one command line on the new node:

nodeB# drbdmanage join «arguments as above....»
You are going to join an existing drbdmanage cluster.
CAUTION! Note that:

Another yes and enter – and you’re done! Every further node is just one command on the existing cluster, which will give you the command line to use on the to-be-added node.

So, another major point is fixed … there are a few more things to be done, of course, but that was a big step (in the right direction) 😉

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