HA Challenge batch winners

LINBIT is excited to announce the
winners of the I’m HA Challenge!

Thank you to everyone who participated in LINBIT’s I’m Highly Availability Challenge. Winners received $100 Amazon gift cards and an opportunity to interview LINBIT CEO, Philipp Reisner.


Georg Zimmer

Georg Zimmer at Worthwhile, a leader in the software development community said: “We run a HA NFS server with failover using LCMC and DRBD.”

Biblioteca Central Universidad Nacional de Mar Plata (BCUNMP)

Jorge Castorina

Jorge Castorina at BCUNMP, a library in Argentina stated, “To solve the lack of expensive SANs for our library management system, we have turned to DRBD to give reliability to our small cluster of computers.”

Financial Technology Solutions Provider

The world’s largest global provider of financial technology solutions stated that LINBIT DRBD, “has not skipped a beat, supporting several hundred-thousand transactions a week.”