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JULY 2019

Didn’t catch us at KubeCon Shanghai in June? We’ll be attending OSCON July 15th-18th in Portland, Oregon! Meet us there!

Key/Value Store in LINSTOR

LINSTOR plug-in developers, we’ve just made your life a little easier!

DRBD and the sync-rate controller, part 3

Continue your journey into the recesses of the sync-rate controller. This article will give you the knowledge you need to sync your data effectively.

What’s the Difference Between Off-Site Data Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)?

Is a backup good enough? What’s the most downtime your business can tolerate?

Disaster Recovery (DR) Explained, LINBIT Q&A Series, Episode 3

In this episode, your favorite engineer, David Hay, explains the importance of DR and the positive impact of a near real-time replica utilizing DRBD.

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