JUNE 2019

Containerizing LINSTOR®, improved DRBD® Sync-Rate Logic, HA Explained, and more in this issue of LINBIT® news.

DRBD 9.0.18

DRBD 9.0.18 has officially been released and introduces two new features in addition to several bug solutions. To start, we have extended the DRBD Quorum to no longer require three replicas of your data. Now, you can have a third arbitrator node without the performance impact of an additional replica. To achieve this, we utilize DRBD’s diskless node feature.

In addition, we have added the ability to store DRBD meta-data on PMEM/NVDIMMs. By storing the meta-data in this way, you’ll be able to see a 3x performance increase, depending on your workloads.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog posts that highlight these new features!

We’ve recently had several requests to containerize the components of LINSTOR, LINBIT’s SDS software. In this article, we outline how to containerize both the LINSTOR-controller and LINSTOR-satellite. Read more
Solve the constant battle between DRBD replication (in-flight application IO) and DRBD resync speeds! Read on as we explore resync speeds between DRBD versions and how LINBIT improves DRBD with each release. Read more.

The latest release of LINSTOR includes a new REST API. This API allows for easier integration of LINSTOR into your application or environment. Check out our post, which includes a simple proof of concept GUI for managing LINSTOR volumes. Read more.



What is High Availability? How does an HA cluster work? In “High Availability Explained,” David Hay discusses how High Availability (HA) is used to ensure minimal application downtime when running clustered services.

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The NFS playbook will automate the deployment of an HA NFS Cluster, using DRBD for replicated storage and Pacemaker as the cluster resource manager!important; quicker than you can brew a pot of coffee.

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LINBIT at Red Hat Summit

Many thanks to those who visited us at Red Hat Summit! We had a great time meeting new people and seeing old friends. If you missed us, meet us August 21 at our talk discussing “Software-Defined Storage, the Linux Way” at Open Source Summit in San Diego, or come say hello October 21-22 at the OpenNebula Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

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