MARCH 2019

In this issue, we delve into the LINSTOR Volume Driver now being a part of OpenStack Cinder and why you should use LINSTOR in OpenStack. Then, the LINBIT team teaches you how to setup LINSTOR in OpenNebula. Lastly, we describe where to meet LINBIT (hint: Scale 17x and the Open-source Leadership Summit!).

Why you should use LINSTOR in OpenStack

Why you should use LINSTOR in OpenStack

OpenStack paired with LINSTOR brings even greater power and flexibility by enabling Linux to become your SDS platform. Replicate storage wherever you need it with simple mouse clicks. Provision snapshots. Create new volumes with those snapshots. LINSTOR volumes can then be paired with the right compute nodes just as easily. Together, OpenStack and LINSTOR bring tremendous potential to provide robust infrastructure with ease, all powered by open-source.

LINSTOR Volume Driver is now a part of OpenStack Cinder.

It’s Official. LINSTOR Volume Driver is now a part of OpenStack Cinder.

With this code merge, LINSTOR volume driver is now officially part of OpenStack and brings a new level of software-defined-storage (SDS) service to Cinder, the OpenStack’s volume service.

How to setup LINSTOR with OpenNebula

How to Setup LINSTOR with OpenNebula

This post will guide you through the setup of the LINSTOR – OpenNebula Addon. After completing it, you will be able to easily live-migrate virtual machines between OpenNebula nodes, and additionally, have data redundancy.


We’ll be exhibiting at SCALE 17x for the third time! We are so excited to meet new people and shake hands with our long-term friends.

We will be highlighting Kubernetes storage for stateful applications, SDS, and Linux Clustering for HA and DR.

Come stop by booth 703. We love it when our friends come say hello.



This is a demo of LINBIT’s Software defined storage including the LINSTOR add-on for the OpenNebula cloud platform, transparently providing replicated block storage for OpenNebula’s virtual machine instances.

LINSTOR CSI Plugin for Kubernetes

LINSTOR CSI Plugin for Kubernetes

A few weeks ago, LINBIT publicly released the LINSTOR CSI (Container Storage Interface) plugin. This means LINSTOR now has a standardized way of working with any container orchestration platform that supports CSI. Kubernetes is one of those platforms, so our developers put in the work to make LINSTOR integration with Kubernetes easy, and I’ll show you how!