MAY 2019

Here at LINBIT®, we have a lot to share with you this month! We are covering several topics, including NVMe-oF, LINSTOR®, and the new HA NFS Playbook! There are a lot of events happening this time of year, and you’re invited! Lastly, check out our new LINBIT® Q&A Video Series on Youtube!

Request Your Highly Available NSF Ansible Playbook

The HA NFS playbook will automate the deployment of a HA NFS Cluster, using DRBD9 for replicated storage and Pacemaker as the cluster resource manager – quicker than you can brew a pot of coffee!

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Speed Up! NVMe-oF for LINSTOR

What is NVMe? The storage world has gained a number of new terms in the last few years. Let’s start with NVMe. The abbreviation stands for Non-Volatile Memory express, which isn’t very self-explanatory. Read more.


LINSTOR now supports configurations without DRBD. It is now a unified storage orchestrator for replicated and non-replicated storage. Read more.

NVMe-oF and iSCSI (iSER)

As a Linux storage company, LINBIT is always excited for an opportunity to work with the latest developments in storage. One of these new technologies is NVMe over fabrics (NVMe-oF). NVMe is a device specification for nonvolatile memory that utilizes the PCIe bus. NVMe-oF allows us to use these specifications over a network. Read more.

We’re Proud Sponsors of 2019’s Red Hat Summit!

Stop by booth #1021 during RHS from May 7-9 in Boston, MA! We’ll be sharing our new OpenShift Certification and raffling off some mega Star Wars® Lego® sets!



LINBIT started a new video series: LINBIT Q&A, where a team expert presents a high-level overview of an industry concept or topic. We’ve launched our first one: Geo Clustering Explained (and more since!).

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Open Data Autonomy Mini Summit

Join us at the ODA Mini Summit at KubeCon EU – May 20th, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. LINBIT CEO, Philipp Reisner will present: LINSTOR: A Linux-Centric Software-Defined Storage. Tickets are free!


LINSTOR® is Now a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Container Partner!

We are proud to announce LINSTOR is certified for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. LINSTOR is an open-source management tool designed to manage block storage devices for Linux server clusters.

LINBIT at #CloudFest 2019!

We strive to have a good time at conferences and Cloudfest was no different. Visitors from all over the world stopped by to say hello, learn about LINSTOR and NVMe-oF, and get a caricature drawn of themselves. Don’t miss out on the fun! Visit us at Red Hat Summit and KubeCon Barcelona!

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon – Barcelona, Spain May 20-23, 2019

Stop by booth S55 at KubeCon and grab some swag! LINBIT will be announcing some exciting news as well: NVMe-oF with LINSTOR! Meaning LINSTOR can now be used as a standalone product, independent from DRBD®.

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