Brainupdaters starts in 2011 with a group of colleagues looking for a different manner of working and with our main focus on Open Source solutions.
According to this basis, a working group was created, and it was called brainupdaters, after three years, Brain Updaters, S.L.L. (BU) became true.

We are the founders and maintainers of DRLM (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager), a Centralized Management Open Source solution for small-to-large Disaster Recovery implementations for GNU/Linux systems. More info at:

We are also experts in design and implementation of Open Source solutions for IT. Specialized in Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Virtualization, Databases, Middleware,… We help our customers to improve and maintain their infrastructure, always based on their needs.

We love and enjoy our job, and we are really proud of offering good solutions to our customers, the best one that fits with our customer needs..