Quru enables organisations to utilise the most appropriate blend of open source and proprietary technologies to maximise the effectiveness of their IT infrastructure and be better prepared to meet today’s business challenges. Quru is a market leader in the technical design, development, deployment and support of open source based solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability.

We use established processes together with our own proven methodologies. We start by building a detailed picture of the issues around a specific aspect of the client’s infrastructure, applications or services, often using a tailored version of our health check. This leads to our Linux Infrastructure Design Services and the development of the detailed solution. Build and deployment is undertaken through our portfolio of Linux Implementation Services, with full documentation and training.

Our focus is on developing and deploying inspired enterprise-class, award-winning solutions across key areas – business software product development, complex web applications and mobile apps – together with grid, messaging, and distributed filesystem and virtualization technologies.