Univention is a leading provider of open source products to run and manage IT infrastructures cost-efficiently and effectivly. Univention’s product portfolio consists of its enterprise-grade Linux infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS). UCS is an industry-proven Linux enterprise distribution, differentiating itself from other solutions with an easy-to-use, but scalable identity and infrastructure management system, including domain services compatible to Active Directory. Because of this comprehensive feature UCS is not only the best product to run and operate corporate IT infrastructure, but also to integrate applications like DRBD into existing environments. UCS is ideally suited for cloud-based scenarios and classical on-premises deployment.


„LINBIT was one of the first vendors, which provided their product DRBD in our App Center for Univention Corporate Server (UCS). Within the App Center customers can easily integrate with a few clicks DRBD in their compatible Active Directory Domain and so implement high availability and Disaster Recovery.”