Disaster recovery

Geo-Clustering with DRBD 8 and Pacemaker

This tech-guide describes a setup consisting of two highly available Pacemaker clusters in two sites, with a routed IPv4 or IPv6 connection in between that can range from a few Mbit/sec up to 10GBit/ sec, depending on the IO load imposed on the cluster nodes.

Disaster Recovery with DRBD Proxy: Configuration Guide

Implement your disaster recovery solution using off site block level replication. DRBD Proxy mirrors your local DRBD resources over a WAN or Internet connection despite possible network performance or high latency. This tech guide illustrates the configuration of a 3-node DRBD setup with stacked resources and DRBD proxy for WAN replication.

DRBD and EC2 Technical Guide

In this guide we will show how to utilize Amazons EC2 and LINBITs DRBD/DRBD Proxy combo to replicate data to the cloud for off-site replication. Common uses of this type of implementation are Disaster Recovery and Disaster Avoidance.

Geo Clustering with Oracle DynDNS failover

Geo Clustering with Oracle DynDNS failover – IN A WORLD where disaster can strike at any time, availability of services and data is a must. Utilizing LINBIT’s DRBD, DRBD Proxy, and several other open source components, we can ensure that even in the event of an entire data center going offline, services and data are available.