DRBD9 on Ultrastar SN150 NVMe SSDs

This Tech Guide describes a setup of DRBD9 on Ultrastar SN150 NVMe SSDs, shows performance results, discusses these and shows areas for improvement.

DRBD Proxy Performance Tuning: compression considerations

This tech guide guide you through the necessary steps to get out the last bit of performance out of your DRBD Proxy setup. Comparing different data compression methods we show you much WAN bandwidth you can save while keeping your critical applications disaster proof.

Infiniband and DRBD Technical Guide

Infiniband with DRBD. In this paper, we discuss High Speed, Low Latency replication (IPoIB or SDP protocols) with LINBIT’s DRBD in combination with Infiniband interconnect technology.

Intel SATA SSD Testing with DRBD

In this guide we test out two Intel DC S 3700 Series 800GB SATA SSD drives to evaluate them regarding replication speed and also to determine the performance overhead when used in a synchronous replication setup.

SanDisk SAS SSD testing

In this tech-guide LINBIT evaluates two SanDisk Optimus AscendTM 2.5 “800 GB SAS solid state disks regarding performance and synchronous replication overhead.