Block Replication with File System Encryption

This document is intended to guide users in the configuration of Randtronics DPM File software to encrypt and protect data stored by Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD).

Geo Clustering with Oracle DynDNS failover

Geo Clustering with Oracle DynDNS failover – IN A WORLD where disaster can strike at any time, availability of services and data is a must. Utilizing LINBIT’s DRBD, DRBD Proxy, and several other open source components, we can ensure that even in the event of an entire data center going offline, services and data are available.

High Availability LogZilla Clustering

This paper discusses the steps necessary to build a highly available LogZilla cluster environment.

The team of Logzilla outlines all the necessary tools to build the cluster from scratch using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS servers. It is assumed that the reader has a firm grasp on the use of Ubuntu Linux and Linux commands in general.

Note: This guide is not written by LINBIT, the credit belongs to the LogZilla team