Technology Partner – ISV – OEM

Build DRBD, Corosync Heartbeat and Pacemaker into your physical and virtual appliances.

OEM Integration Specialists

Your team is a hardware manufacturer designing and building Linux-based appliances. You brand all hardware, software and surrounding technologies under your organizations name.

Working with LINBIT, your devices will have an embedded DRBD installation, utilizing LINBIT certified binaries to ensure all systems that are shipped to customers have a fully-certified software stack for HA and DR production scenarios.

Appliance Integration Made Easy

LINBIT guides your OEM team to ensure proper DRBD installation, testing and certification to ensure your appliance ships on time, remains bug free, and functions as designed. LINBIT ensures all cluster stack software is installed in a best practice methodology, with full fail over and STONITH testing to ensure proper integration from the beginning.

LINBIT OEM services are the way to ensure your appliances meet the test of time, users and workload, all while maintaining your brand and reputation. On top of LINBIT’s OEM integration services, you can expect LINBIT’s 3rd level technical support team available 24/7 to back your team to success!

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