DRBD® assures the high availability of databases

The provider of the world’s most popular Open Source database and the austrian technology leader for Open Source solutions have concluded an agreement for cooperation. Therewith, MySQL AB and the Viennese LINBIT Informaton Technologies GmbH now share the same approach in terms of high availability. All MySQL business clients benefit from this, as they now get direct support for the DRDB high availability solution. Phillip Reisner, mastermind of the DRBD Linux kernel module and LINBIT CTO, recently signed the contract at the MySQL-conference in Santa Clara.

“Until now, only large enterprises were able to afford high availability databases”, says Ulf Sandberg, Vice President of Services of MySQL AB. “Now, the combination of MySQL Enterprise and DRBD makes high availability accessible for all companies that need a cost efficient Open-Source-solution for their business-crucial web appearances and IT applications”, Sandberg continues.

“With an availability of 99.999 percent, MySQL has already been complying with high requirements. With DRBD we have proven to numerous clients that 100 percent of availability are possible. That is the level we now want to offer to all MySQL-clients, too” explains Philipp Reisner, who also considers the contract with MySQL AB a huge boost for LINBIT. After all, MySQL is the database with the fastest development in the economy. With more than eleven millions of active installations and 50.000 downloads a day, MySQL is used by more and more developers, database administrators and IT-managers who want a high-performant, reliable and user-friendly database.

Just like MySQL AB, LINBIT believes in the development of competitive solutions. With DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), failure-proof applications and data for companies of every size become affordable and savings up to 90 percent are possible. Since January 2007, DRBD is available in version 8. The most important innovation in version 8 is the support of Clustering filesystems just like GFS and OCFS2, meaning that two nodes in a cluster can actively access a DRBD in read and write mode at the same time. Furthermore, the version 8 has a large number of small improvements in terms of performance, Split-Brain avoidance, conflict solution after a Split-Brain, metadata tools and in dealing with Input/Output (IO) errors.

About MySQL AB

MySQL AB develops and markets a family of competitive high availability database products, including MySQL Enterprise, a complete service package consisting of certified software, proactive tools for database surveillance and first-class support.

Its most important product is the MySQL server, with more than 11 millions of Installations by far the world’s most popular Open Source database. Large companies like Yahoo!, DaimlerChrysler, Neckermann.de, Siemens, T-Systems and the HypoVereinsbank achieve notable cost savings by using MySQL as base for Web-Sites, business-crucial enterprise applications and Software development.

The MySQL AB headquarters is in Uppsala, Sweden, as well as in Cupertino / California, United States. MySQL is represented worldwide – the german branch is the MySQL GmbH in Munich. MySQL meets the Open-Source-values as well as the requirements of business clients in a profitable, sustainable business model.

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