Open-source storage software, DRBD9, comes to OpenStack

TOKYO, Japan – LINBIT, a worldwide provider of Linux High Availability (HA) solutions, is pleased to be a featured participant in this year’s OpenStack Summit. Philipp Reisner, CTO of LINBIT, along with representatives from partner company ThirdWare Tokyo, will be present at the conference to announce LINBIT’s support for OpenStack’s forthcoming Liberty Release.

LINBIT is offering DRBD9 to OpenStack customers to address the need for high performance open source High Availability technologies. DRBDManage integration allows for a new accessible, reliable and intuitive way to manage storage clusters. Prior to the Liberty version of OpenStack, Ceph was the most often used open source software-based storage option, focusing on distributed storage. With DRBD9 focusing on high performance and high I/O applications within smaller storage clusters, users will now be able to run virtually any application on an open source storage stack.

“We have integrated the new DRBDmanage Cinder driver into the code, which enables DRBD9 resilient OpenStack storage.” said Brian Hellman, COO of LINBIT. “By implementing DRBD9 and DRBDmanage with your OpenStack Liberty installation, you can ensure that your services are protected from unexpected hardware failure by simply selecting a menu option and letting DRBDmanage provision storage replicas.”

DRBD9 has shown performance of over 430k IOPS and is recommended for storage clusters holding database and high I/O workloads, proving to be an excellent tool for demanding environments.  DRBD9 can be used across multiple servers for protection from failures without the cost of shared storage.

“After six years of development and numerous updates to the Linux Kernel, LINBIT is proud to become part of the OpenStack ecosystem!” said Philipp Reisner.

For more information about LINBIT or its DRBD9 and DRBDmanage offerings within theOpenStack ecosystem, please visit the company’s website at

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