Leading high performance network technology meets world’s premier storage replication technology; creates category benchmark

BOSTON – JUNE 23, 2015LINBIT, leading provider of Linux storage mirroring technology, today announced a new solution for data replication in collaboration with Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX), a leading supplier of high-performance cloud networking solutions. The technology integration, highlighting LINBIT’s DRBD9 solution, provides mutual customers with the highest storage replication performance capabilities available, enabling customers to replicate more data in less time while accelerating and protecting both critical applications and data.

“We are proud to partner with LINBIT,” said Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing at Mellanox. “We believe RDMA integration within LINBIT’s DRBD9 is a perfect fit for customers who need to marry high performance with high availability (HA) in order to guarantee always-accessible, consistently fast data delivery.”

Leading IT-savvy organizations, such as global financial institutions, technology companies, and healthcare providers, require the dependable and rapid management of thousands of simultaneous transactions across distributed networks. Losing data or experiencing delays due to server failures or other disasters is not an option for the mission critical applications run by these organizations. And while increasingly powerful CPUs and fast storage have amplified the adoption of high-performance cloud networking systems, CPU overhead and networking software bottlenecks have traditionally plagued solution providers by limiting data replication performance. Critical transactions can only happen as fast as they can be replicated to another server.

LINBIT and Mellanox address this challenge by maneuvering around the native Linux bottlenecks within the TCP protocol. Utilizing a protocol called Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), LINBIT allows users to mitigate network performance bottlenecks, enhancing throughput by 100 percent, reducing latency, and decreasing CPU usage by 50 percent. This delivers faster application performance with better data protection and higher availability.

“The partnership between Mellanox and LINBIT represents an impressive development for HA replication, paving a unique new way for Big Data and enterprise networks to scale for security, speed and always-on availability,” said Markus Rex, CEO of OwnCloud. “By combining these two powerful technologies, customers are now provided an advanced approach to storing, mirroring and delivering data in an efficient manner not available via any other solution.”

“The RDMA integration into DRBD9 replication is extremely valuable to customers as – combined – they produce the highest speed replication technology on the market,” said Philipp Reisner, CEO and CTO of LINBIT. “Mellanox equals best-in-class storage connectivity, which when combined with LINBIT, creates the fastest, most reliable data replication and recovery system available.”

More information about the LINBIT DRBD9 solution with support for RDMA will be available in the LINBIT booth #908 and Mellanox booth #321 at the 2015 Red Hat Summit in Boston, June 23-26, 2015.

LINBIT is the leading Linux based storage replication provider that works closely with industry leaders from the storage and network sectors to design next generation critical infrastructures. Major cloud solution providers, data center operators, OEM and ISV integrators and commercial enterprises employ LINBIT’s open source software DRBD to ensure High Availability and Disaster Recovery replication. LINBIT is privately-held and headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Portland, OR. Visit us atwww.LINBIT.com/en/.

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