LinBit and SUSE Offer 60-Day Free Trial for Proven Open Source Alternative to Expensive Legacy Solutions to Enable Long Distance Data Replication for Geo Clustering

LINBIT, the de-facto standard in open source high availability (HA) software for enterprise and cloud computing, today announced that it has strengthened its partnership with SUSE to dramatically improve the economics of mission-critical computing. Providing a new capability to replicate data across unlimited distances, LINBIT has enhanced SUSE’s high availability solution that is built on open source software and runs on commodity hardware. Geo Clustering for SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension is available from SUSE with a 60-day free trial. It guards against failures or disasters by providing policy-driven mechanisms for customer applications, and data, to continue operations in another geographically dispersed data center.

“Working with LINBIT, SUSE has extended the enterprise downtime prevention capabilities of SUSE Linux Enterprise to handle failover between data centers no matter their distance apart,” said Gerald Pfeifer, Vice President of Products and Technology Programs at SUSE. “During an outage, customers can switch over entire data centers in real-time, whether the backup site is right next door or across the globe.”

“Leveraging open source software and commodity hardware have become the preferred mechanism to cut costs for enterprises and service providers,” said Philipp Reisner, CEO of LINBIT. “Geo Clustering for SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension with LINBIT technology demonstrates that a sophisticated mission-critical platform no longer requires expensive solutions from legacy vendors.”

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension is an integrated suite of open source clustering technologies that enables customers to eliminate single points of failure, thus helping to maintain business continuity, enable compliance, protect data integrity, maintain isolation for multiple tenants, and reduce unplanned downtime for mission-critical workloads.

In addition to application management, system monitoring, and arbitration, geo clustering must rely on fast and accurate data replication and write buffering, a capability that is provided by LINBIT. This solution is based on DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), the industry’s highest performing and most widely deployed open source data replication software for HA, disaster recovery (DR), and software defined storage (SDS).

“LINBIT software is used by thousands of organizations across the globe: by small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise IT departments, and service providers. It is also embedded in hundreds of products from independent software vendors and established equipment manufacturers under OEM agreements,” said Brian Hellman, COO of LINBIT. “Add to this over 10,000 downloads per month and a 15 year record of solid performance, and it becomes easy to see why even the most demanding environments rely on LINBIT as a safe and high performance choice.”

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