“We opted for DRBD as a cost-efficient Open Source solution in the field of High Availability clusters.” – Josef Hagler, Managing Director, Porsche Informatik GmbH.

Beaverton, OR – LINBIT, the defacto standard in open source High Availability (HA) software and the power behind thousands of digital enterprises, introduced DRBD Top, a new software tool to simplify the management of the LINBIT DRBD software. From a unified graphical interface, administrators can navigate their DRBD resources quickly and easily without typing multiple commands. Part of the Linux kernel since 2009, the LINBIT DRBD software has a proven track record in providing High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Software-Defined Storage capabilities.

“We opted for DRBD as a cost-efficient Open Source solution in the field of High Availability clusters. DRBD ideally supports our IT design, ensuring easy configuration and quick implementation,” said Josef Hagler, Managing Director, Porsche Informatik GmbH.

With over 1.7 million downloads, LINBIT’s global installed base also includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ING Group, Vodaphone, Sears, Cisco, The Max Planck Institute, AccuWeather.com, Secure Payment Systems, National Library of Medicine, and thousands of other organizations. Reliably supporting always-on applications and avoiding data loss are must-have requirements for all businesses and organizations with a digital heartbeat. LINBIT has now made management of this process easier with its new DRBD Top solution.

DRBD Top is available via Github https://github.com/LINBIT/drbdtop and version 0.1.0 is ready for testing and feedback. It provides critical capabilities for administrators who manage High Availability clusters, especially those with more than 2 nodes:

“Many proprietary software alternatives require users to pay extra for system management but with the LINBIT DRBD software, we are building in these capabilities to drive down costs,” said Philipp Reisner, CEO of LINBIT.

“The performance, scalability and ease of use of DRBD proved to a skeptical audience that our SAN is a liability, rather than an asset – both in terms of performance and maintenance,” said Matt Whiteley, Senior systems administrator, Portland State University.

LINBIT is the force behind DRBD and the de-facto open standard for High Availability (HA) software for enterprise and cloud computing. The LINBIT DRBD software is deployed in thousands of mission-critical environments worldwide to provide High Availability (HA), Geo Clustering for Disaster Recovery (DR), and Software Defined Storage (SDS) for OpenStack based clouds. Visit us at http://www.LINBIT.com, https://twitter.com/linbit, or https://www.linkedin.com/company/linbit

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