LINBIT, the leading provider of High Availability solutions based on Linux, has now released a volume plugin for Docker, the open source solution for software containers. That plugin connects Docker to storage volumes from a DRBD SDS installation. The DRBD SDS solution is realized by using a combination of DRBD9 clustering software and the administration tool DRBD Manage for storage provisioning and management.

LINBIT’s plugin is necessary in order to create an easily manageable way to use the DRBD SDS software for Docker containers and managed applications.

Docker’s software containers with the reliable data replication from LINBIT provide an unbeatable combination for companies that are interested in faster application development. With the plugin, companies can also use Apache Mesos and Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System with a DRBD SDS installation.

Some of the most successful technology companies such as Uber, Spotify and eBay, use Docker for the fast and efficient application development.

“With DRBD SDS, simple hard drives and SSDs from the participating servers form a Highly Available server cluster. Combined with the DRBD’s software’s ability to keep up with high performance hardware, this means blisteringly fast SDS.”

“With the DRBD open source software, data can be replicated locally or even across continents.  This is a cost effective alternative to all Tier 1 players in the storage market,” explains Philipp Reisner, CEO of LINBIT.

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