1. Get your Own new LINBIT T-shirt & Cap

If you are within the US and Canada you are eligible to receive one of our hip new LINSTOR graffiti t-shirts. 

Available in black and grey, our new t-shirts are part of our continued efforts to not only promote our software but also, industry-leading technology-platforms that inspire us – such as Kubernetes. 

And they can be your way of standing out of the crowd on your next virtual meeting or casual Friday.

2. Get your own Guaranteed LINBIT online training - worth 890€

Enhance your resume and upgrade your DRBD or LINSTOR knowledge. 

We understand that life is stressful, and budgets are tight right now and for that reason, we are including our online training as part of the prize pool.

LINBIT is dedicated to promoting and growing the broader IT and open-source community. With our training, you will gain a better understanding of High Availability and Software-Defined Storage Setups, which are sought-after skills and provide tremendous advantages in the job market.

Each training module takes about 12-16 hours to complete and normally costs 890€. You will have the opportunity to choose between our DRBD basics + Pacemaker Certificate OR our LINSTOR basics training.

How to participate? (~10min)*

  1. Join at least 4 webinars
  2. Star us on GitHub
  3. Follow us on at least 1 social channel
  4. Share at least 1 event post on social media
    1. LinkedIn  (#linstordays)
    2. Facebook (#linstordays)
    3. Twitter (#linstordays)
  5. Tag 2 interested people in the comments 
  6. Submit the form on this page

*Contest is running during the month of October 2020.