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About the event

LINSTOR Days is LINBIT’s attempt to share our  experience and knowledge of 20 years in Linux block storage with the IT and open source community.

Attendees will hear first-hand about LINSTOR & Kubernetes use-cases, an industry-wide, cloud-native SDS comparison and can take part in a live Q&A session with our Developers.

Check out the event schedule below for all session details.


LINSTOR is a block device provisioner designed with Kubernetes in mind:

Schedule - October 26-29

Please note that all session times are listed below in Central European Time (CET).

LINSTOR Introduction

High-level overview on our block-storage management platform with integrations to KubernetesOpenShift, OpenStack, OpenNebula.  

This webinar will be offered in 3 languages. Please choose your preferred language:

  1. English
    Monday, Oct 26 – 6PM CET
  2. Spanish 
    Monday, Oct 26 – 8PM CET
  3. German
    Tuesday, Oct 27 – 4PM CET

LINSTOR Operator Live Demo

  • Tuesday, Oct 27 6 PM CET

    Learn more about all the technical aspects of our flexible SDS platform LINSTOR with its native integration to Kubernetes.

Partnership: Western Digital

  • Wednesday, Oct 28 5 PM CET

    Phil & Manfred talk about a common future project about cloud gaming. Additionally touched: the synergy between OpenFlex & LINSTOR.

LINBIT SDS vs. Competitors

  • Wednesday, Oct 28 7 PM CET

    Our solution architects conducted an industry-wide, cloud-native SDS platform comparison, including features and pricing models.

Case-Study: WEDOS

  • Thursday, Oct 29 5 PM CET

    Find out how Andrei at WEDOS built a 600 nodes strong storage environment using DRBD & LINSTOR for Kubernetes, OpenNebula and Proxmox.

Developers Q&A

  • Thursday, Oct 29 7 PM CET

Ask our developers all of your LINSTOR questions via a live Q&A session. Optionally, feel free to list your questions here beforehand: Question-Board

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Fastest Persistent Storage

"LINSTOR's world record results prove we can speed up High Availability at a large scale without resorting to high-cost proprietary software stacks."
Philipp Reisner, LINBIT CEO
Philipp Reisner

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