nag_world_confAvoiding downtime using Linux High Availability
OCTOBER 13 – 16
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Presenting: “Avoiding Downtime Using Linux High Availability” is LINBIT’s Jeremy Rust

This broad presentation is designed to be accessible to a wide audience and provide a overview of High availability using DRBD and Nagios Software.

LINBIT and Nagios Enterprises have colaborated to build a Highly Available Nagios XI monitoring solution to be generaly available shortly.

Andy Brist of Nagios Enterprises, will be giving a more technically advanced presentation called: “High Availability and Fail-over Solutions for Nagios XI”. This presentation will be based on the core LINBIT Linux HA technologies. Andy’s presentation will go more in depth and also provide an inside look at the interworkings of HA within Nagios XI. Further details can be found here:

LINBIT’s presentation will include:

  1. Because: TIME IS MONEY (Downtime isn’t cheap)
  2. What is High Availability — !=backup
  3. What is “Distributed Replicated Block Device” — “network raid 1, Over 15 years of development”
  4. Comparison of hardware vs software — hardware and appliance options compared to software’s flexible architecture.
  5. Different means of copying data in real time -application, DB, filesystem, VM’s… pro’s / cons
  6. The Linux HA Cluster – visuial diagram’s of clustering
  7. Heartbeat – Corosync — the communication layer
  8. Pacemaker — The all powerful Cluster Resource Manager
  9. What is Disaster Recovery –Real time replication between physically separate sites.
  10. DRBD in the cloud, under it, and along side it.
  11. Q+A — Free “I’m Highly Available” T-shirts

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