Power Couple Cloud

LINBIT® collaborates with cloud platform leader OpenNebula. The new architecture between LINSTOR® and the cloud platform demonstrates how a container-native SDS solution can be deployed easily, delivering simultaneously unprecedented speed and reliability. LINSTOR is the only SDS solution that enhances, rather than duplicate the storage management functionality that is already available in the Linux operating system. This SDS approach translates to a reliable feature-rich solution for large and small companies. Volume and configuration management are provided by LINSTOR, a software tool that serves as management console for LINBIT products, while a fast and reliable data replication is delivered by DRBD®, a part of the mainline Linux kernel for nearly a decade.


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Hyper Converged

High Performance

Low CPU and memory usage

Enterprise support


No Vendor Lock-In

“OpenNebula over LINSTOR® enables a fully hyper-converged cloud with state-of-the-art
orchestration and storage features, using OSS components exclusively. “The integration
between OpenNebula over LINSTOR couldn’t be more natural – they are a perfect fit.”

Constantino Vázquez, Engineering Manager at Opennebula Systems.

We setup a LINBIT LINSTOR Solution - OpenNebula Demo-Station. You can access it remotely and test all the features and your own use cases. Easy access - within minutes!

• You get a key for a pre-build configuration.

• You have easy access using SSH-Client (Linux, Windows, Mac).

• You can test anything you like for 2 days.

• You can get a guided tour for the system.

Saves Money and time





Open Source


  • DRBD 9 and LINSTOR
  • Tech Guide for DRBD 9 and LINSTOR + Access to LINBIT's Extensive Documentation



  • All LINBIT SDS Open Source features, plus:
  • Access to LINBIT's Repository to Download the Tested, Certified Linux Packages
  • New Packages on Request: Next Business Day
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Remote Installation/Troubleshooting by SSH/VPN
  • Updates, Including New Features
  • Emergency Support
  • Failover Testing
  • Emergency Initial Response Time: 4 Hours Maximum
  • Initial Support Response Time: 8 Hours Maximum
  • Email/Phone Support: 9/5 CE(S)T or PT



  • All LINBIT SDS Plus features, plus:
  • RDMA License for Fast Infiniband Replication
  • New Packages on Request Within 24 Hours
  • Performance Tuning
  • Support Engineer Assigned to Your Company
  • Emergency Initial Response Time: 1 Hour Maximum
  • Initial Support Response Time: 4 Hours Maximum
  • Email/Phone Support: 24/7

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