schaubild_rhev-drbdLINBIT deploys highly available virtualization environments on only two servers

LINBIT deploys software that accomplishes High Availability (HA) for virtualized environments; this can be accomplished with real-time replication of data across as few as two servers. The software that accomplishes this is DRBD, it is a adressed as a block device and allows for replication of data in realtime andLINBIT, the worldwide specialist in Linux HA has developed a solution where DRBD and oVirt are used on only two servers to create a complete HA virtualized enviroment. The combination of these Open Source projects is the simplest and most economical possibility for enterprises with several locations to operate virtual IT architectures with heavy demands. The solution can also be deployed with RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization) and is suitable for both server and desktop uses.

More and more enterprise customers are recognizingthe advantages of virtualization in their IT-Infrastructure. Previously a High Availability solution included using at least two servers (so-callled Hypervisors) for the respective applications, an additional management server and two clustered SAN-Storages. This was a costly and complicated solution requiring additional maintenance and headache if there was ever down time. Using DRBD and Pacemaker with oVirt, LINBIT succeeded in realizing all necessary functionalities on only two servers. The server which is responsible for the virtualization management is also available on both systems. The cost of this configuration is at least 60% lower than that of comparable proprietary solutions, including the SAN example below.

Experts with more than 100 years of total Linux experience work at LINBIT and create DRBD.

“We use this knowledge to make the operation of IT infrastructures better, easier and above all more cost-effective. With this new solution, we succeeded in taking a big step forward,”

says Gerhard Sternath, CFO of LINBIT.

100 % Open Source

LINBIT is the Linux HA experts and assists a number of enterprises. Open Source software is great for the enterprise users: No license costs, the software can be used both with Windows and with Linux, and it is similarly suitable for decentralized desktop virtualization and for the virtualization of servers. A graphic user interface is available to simplify management.

Deployment also possible with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)

LINBIT is a Premier Business Partner for Red Hat and offers certified solutions for this configuration. Have the LINBIT technical experts support you in the planning and deployment of your next virtualized cluster, featuring 24×7 support.

Further information for oVirt can be found here:

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