Monitoring: better safe than sorry…

Stumbling upon the Holy time-travellin’ DRBD, batman! blog post there’s only one thing to be said … Be strict in what you emit, liberal in what you accept[1. Thanks, Larry] is simply not true when dealing with mission-critical systems. It’s ok to be alerted on upgrading a machine because the “old, working” RegEx that did […]

DRBD resources need different monitor intervals

As briefly mentioned in Pacemaker Explained, DRBD devices need two different values set for their monitor intervals: primitive pacemaker-resource-name ocf:linbit:drbd \ params drbd_resource=”drbd-resource” \ op monitor interval=”61s” role=”Slave” \ op monitor interval=”59s” role=”Master” The reason is that Pacemaker distinguishes monitor operations by their resource and their interval – but not by their role. So, if […]