True Cost of Data Loss

When you hear the word ‘data,’ what does it make you think?  Something interesting and exciting?  Probably not.  But, what if you lost your customer database, your employee healthcare information, or your organization’s website transactions?  Now, that might make you think twice.  

In today’s information-based world, data is one of the most important assets in a company’s bank account. No organization can afford to leave themselves exposed to data loss from downtime, a security breach or IT failure.  While we all know that data is important, quantifying the cost of loss is another matter entirely.



In a recent OrionX paper, The Cost of Data Loss and How to Avoid It, Dan Olds looks at the factors in quantifying data loss and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to your company.  


Over the last 15 years, LINBIT has worked with hundreds of companies around the globe to help keep their data safe. In one case, America’s largest truck parts distributor has depended on LINBIT’s DRBD software to keep their POS platform up and running, ensuring productivity for the company at the retail level. “High Availability (HA) was something we did not have before and it was imperative we move to the 21st century and better support this application. An investment in HA and other modern technologies yielded a noticeable increase in performance and stability we did not have before” states Henry Santamaria, Director of Infrastructure.


Contact the LINBIT sales team, and find out how to keep your company up and running with the DRBD software, already included in the Linux kernel!

Kelsey Swan
Customer Engagement Director
[email protected]

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